Tyler Hadley Indicted For Killing Parents

Tyler Hadley, the Florida teen who allegedly bludgeoned his parents to death, then partied with their dead bodies upstairs, has been indicted for murder.

He is now charged with first-degree murder, twice over.

The grand jury indictment upgrades what were originally two counts of second-degree murder with a weapon in the deaths of Blake and Mary Jo Hadley.

No motive in the Hadley case has been reported.

Tyler Hadley Mug Shot

Acting on an anonymous tip, on Sunday morning July 17 officers visited the Hadley home, where a "nervous" Tyler told them his parents were out of town.

According to CNN, the grand jury heard testimony from Hadley's uncle, the lead detective in the case, a medical examiner and a crime scene investigator.

If convicted, Hadley faces a mandatory life sentence. Though he was charged as an adult, his age prevents prosecutors from seeking the death penalty.
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