Report: Kris Humphries is a Weird Oaf, Despised By the Kardashians

Being Mr. Kim Kardashian cannot be easy. Still, Kris Humphries had to know what he was getting into, right? Maybe not, if dueling tabloids are to be believed.

Sources say the baller hasn't exactly won over Kim's tight-knit family.

That's putting it midly. Dude reportedly ripped Kourtney Kardashian for being "slave" to son Mason, roughhouses Kim so hard that her sisters call him "this weird, big clumsy oaf" and "was being a dick" through much of their courtship.

Already MiserableDefending Their Love

Married only one month, Kim is already forced to defend her love. Or just miserable, depending on which totally accurate supermarket gossip rag you pick up.

All of those quotes are courtesy of Us Weekly. Star, meanwhile, suggests that Kim isn't a big fan of Kris lately either, "fighting bitterly" with her new spouse.

Two major points of contention:

Their life is completely, comically staged.
Kris noticed.

"He's sick of how their lives are planned out like a scripted TV show," a source reveals, adding that just a few days before the wedding, he freaked out.

He doesn't like how the relationship is for the cameras, making you wonder how the heck he would possibly propose to Kim if that's even half true.

Allegedly, Kim told Kris she'd been planning this wedding since she was 10 years old, and he snapped: "Yeah, and you could just slot any guy into it."

No comment yet from Damon Thomas on that topic.

Short, possibly bogus story: Everyone hates Kris, his namesake, Kris Jenner, has demanded that they "cool it" because "it may damage Kim's reputation."

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