Report: Jessica Simpson Puts Weddingon Hold "Indefinitely"

Are Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson on the rocks? That's quite unclear, but the couple's wedding is on hold, at least for now, according to a new report.

Details of the ceremony, wedding dress she helped design and vows reportedly started to overwhelm her, causing friends to wonder if she got cold feet.

“It’s starting to affect her relationship with Eric,” says an insider.

Jessica Simpson, Fiance

“He’s a great guy who really loves her, but right now Jessica’s friends are worried that she may end up single again if she’s not able to make up her mind.”

“The wedding isn’t off,” insists one of her confidantes, who predicts they will still get married. “It’s just on hold while Jessica sorts out some of the details.”

Jessica insists she still loves the former NFL player. Eric surprised her by popping the question last November, after the couple dated for just six months.

As for Eric, “He just wants them to be happy,” says the confidante, who insists that, despite friends’ fears, Johnson is secure enough to wait to be married.

“Eric says they could elope tomorrow or get married in three years. It almost doesn’t matter; he is convinced they’ll spend the rest of their lives together.”

That's sweet and very mature if true, but this report doesn't bode well for their future if it's even remotely accurate. It's hardly the first story of its kind.

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