Key Witness in Dr. Conrad Murray Case: MIA!

A pharmacist who testified he shipped massive amounts of Propofol to Dr. Conrad Murray in the weeks leading to Michael Jackson's death is now ... gone.

Vanished, disappeared, off the grid without a trace.

While there is no sign of illegal activity, and there's certainly a good case to be made against Murray without him, it's a bizarre situation just the same.

Doctor Conrad Murray

According to prosecutors, Tim Lopez, a former pharmacist at Applied Pharmacy Services in Las Vegas, mysteriously moved to Thailand and can't be found.

Prosecutors now want a judge to let them use Lopez' previous testimony from the preliminary hearing in January, but it's unclear if that will be permitted.

During his testimony, Lopez claimed Dr. Conrad Murray ordered large quantities of Propofol, beginning on April 6, 2009. MJ died June 25 of that year.

That would certainly connect the doc to the anesthetic that killed Michael, although the precise degree of Lopez's importance isn't easy to quantify.

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