Kate Gosselin: Broke Without Kate Plus 8?

Five-star vacations. Thousand-dollar haircuts. Diva demands. Celebrity status.

Kate Gosselin was living the good life. Now that it's being taken away by TLC with the demise of Kate Plus 8, she's forced to face some harsh realities.

Namely that she's been living beyond her means and has no Plan B.

Kate Gosselin Stizzyle

“This cancellation caught her completely by surprise - she’s devastated,” says an insider. “Kate’s worried about paying her bills and continuing to live the life she’s become accustomed to. She’d gotten used to money rolling in.”

Has she ever.

The unemployed mom shells out approximately $500,000 a year for two housekeepers, a pair of nannies, an assistant and bodyguard Steve Neild. He might be willing to work for "other compensation," but the rest of them? Doubtful.

Oh, and the cost of private school for the eight kids? Another $500,000.

That’s in addition to Kate’s recreational spending, too, which ain't cheap. On August 12, just before TLC pulled the plug, she enjoyed a lavish, private shopping spree at Posh ElysaSuzanne Couture in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Those perks will soon be gone, but Kate Gosselin isn’t giving up quietly. She has discussed motivational speaking as well as writing another book, even though her most recent, I Just Want You to Know, tanked hardcore.

What’s more, she’s reportedly - for reasons unknown - negotiating to fill in on CBS’s The Talk, which axed Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini.

One possible income source is (sigh) the children ... to Jon Gosselin's chagrin. “Kate feels like the kids are still the primary cash cow,” a source said.

Can humankind do worse than this woman?

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