Casey Anthony Seeing Shrink, Grief Counselor

Her parents may still be divided over her guilt, but no one disputes that whatever happened in 2008, this is one seriously messed up individual.

Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, said she would seek psychological treatment as soon as she was a free woman. Looks like that was doubly true.

Sources close to Anthony says that the acquitted murder suspect has been seeing a grief counselor and will soon see a female psychiatrist to boot.

"She needs serious help," says the source. "We'll see what this will do."

Casey Cries

Casey Anthony needs more than counseling. But it can't hurt.

Anthony has been traveling extensively since her acquittal, likely in an attempt to keep her whereabouts a mystery amid serious death threats. She is now back in Florida while she serves a one-year probation on a check fraud case.

Baez said that Anthony needed treatment for the trauma of losing her child and her subsequent incarceration for the better part of three years.

Yesterday, she was ordered to pay nearly $100,000 for misleading law enforcement officials in their efforts to locate missing daughter Caylee.

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