Casey Anthony Parents: Divided Over Her Guilt

George and Cindy Anthony are split over the innocence (or lack thereof) of their estranged daughter Casey Anthony, according to Dr. Phil McGraw.

"[George] is very critical," the TV psychologist said, while Cindy makes excuses for her daughter at every opportunity and lives in a state of denial.

Neither of Casey's parents have spoken to the 25-year-old since she was stunningly acquitted of murdering toddler Cayley Anthony back in July.

In an interview airing today and tomorrow, the Anthonys are speaking out on the death of their granddaughter and the public trial that followed.

Casey's defense lawyers claimed Caylee drowned accidentally and George tried to hide the child's body, having molested Casey as a child no less.

Both deny anything of the sort, but at the same time, Dr. Phil said Cindy and George "have a different view [of whether Casey murdered Caylee]."

"They question themselves every minute of every day," McGraw said. "What did we fail to see here? What could we have done differently?"

He adds that "Their position is up until [Casey's] pregnancy, she was showing reasonably normal behavior and then it began to change."
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