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Kristen Stewart Talks About Her "Boyfriend" in Elle Magazine

Kristen Stewarts covers Elle magazine in the US in June and she also opens up about her boyfriend Robert Pattinson. It's no secret that the Twilight co-stars have been item for a few years now, but they never talk about the status of their relationship publicly...until now. Kristen, who looks more gorgeous that ever as Elle's cover girl, openly referred to R-Pattz as her QUOTE "boyfriend" during the interview for her cover article. Apparently, the topic arose when during the interview K-Stew spied a copy of the book Bel Ami and commented that her "boyfriend" just did that movie. She went on chat a bit about the no major revelations here, but even so, any sort of commentary from Kristen about Robert in the context of the relationship is pretty big. To take a look at Kristen's flawless Elle cover and several more photos from the shoot, click the link below. Then let us know what you think about Robsten continuing to keep their love on the lowdown -- do you wish they'd open up more or do you think it's smart that they keep their romance private. For more news on this hot Hollywood couple stick with Sizzling buzz around the clock. I'm Joslyn Davis and we'll see you next time!

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