Kim Kardashian Claims to Have a Personality - Latest Hollywood News Gossip

HAHAHAHA. We're sorry, but one of our latest polls can now be closed. It's clear that Kim Kardashian is The Funniest Woman Alive.

During the taping of her interview on England's Alan Carr: Chatty Man (Kim is overseas to support fake boyfriend Kanye West on his tour), Kardashian was asked about her reputation for being famous just because... well, she's famous.

And we're still laughing over her response:

Alan Carr becomes the first white man to touch Kim Kardashian's rear end.

"It doesn't really bother me. I'm pretty realistic: I don't sing, I don't dance. I'm not that kind of celebrity. I don't think reality people get that much respect. I have to get people to like me for being me, not for a script that someone's written for me."

That joke doesn't even need a punchline. Instead, we'll just provide a link to the real reason Kim Kardashian is famous.

Source: THG!
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