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Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" Breaks Records

Justin Bieber's Boyfriend music video is already breaking records on YouTube!! That's right, we hear that within 24 hours of its online debut, it had already passed 8-million video views on the site. Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for the details, it's crazy to see how one song can spread like wildfire on the internet. It probably does make sense since this much anticipated music video debut had 4-teasers and tons of press including Justin's guest appearance on the popular network singing competition show, The Voice. In fact, this Boyfriend music video -- just a few days after its premiere -- has already earned more than 17.6-million views and has racked up more than 200-thousand comments. Un-belieb-able, right?! I guess we should probably say that it currently has 17.6-million video views AND COUNTING. Let us know how many times you think you've watched this video and for more Justin Bieber news, keep it here at Sizzlingbuzz. I'm Dana Ward -- see you later!

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