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'The Avengers' Movie Review

Well its Monday and that means ONE THING...the avengers assemble in four short days! I was lucky enough to see the flick before it hits the big screen (I know, I Know), so here are MY thoughts on the avengers. Honestly, I don't even want to do a review bc it was just THAT good...nothing I say will justify the greatness of this flick...it's a must see, and joss whedon NAILED this one folks.

The action is edge of your seat, and you actually FEEL the connection between these superheroes...The avengers adventure is one you WONT want to miss out on...as cliché as it sounds, you will laugh, possibly shed a tear, and the final act will be better than the perfection you hope for.

So we all know the premise...Nick Fury Assembles the avengers so they can save the world from evil loki and his army...which spoiler alert, are in fact the chitari. As the avengers are gathered from their respective lives, we get a glimpse into whats been going on for each of the superheros...so its safe to say, this film is for everyone...not just those with a deep knowledge of the marvel universe. The big question leading up to the avengers was, will it be TOO over the top for the average consumer to enjoy...while it is over the top, in the best way possible, its not so convoluted that it would hinder a non master of the marvel universe from understanding whats going on. Of course the extra knowledge helps piece together the plot much better, but by no means was it required to have scored an Aplus in avengers 101 --- although, if you hav a chance to watch iron man, thor, or cap America prior to heading out to see the avengers, it wouldn't hurt and will probably make the film even more enjoyable for you. Either way, the movie will and DOES make sense for everyone.

While all the super heros brought their a game, I will say the hulk stole the show. Why? Well, he is one of the avengers we, as average movie goer knew the least about. Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America have graced our silver screens in the last couple of years...hulk, not so much. But Bruce Banner was the troubled guy we could all relate to, and the hulk was the dude we were rooting for to just tear ish up...and that he did! One of my favorite scenes in the movie featured him literally "smashing" loki on the ground...sorry for the spoiler...it was amazing...and the entire theatre lit up with laughter...bc while the hulk is someone not to be messed with...there was comic relief in his delivery...a perfect balance between the two.

And that is the best way for me to describe the avengers. A perfect balance...the film brought us the in your face action we all craved and anticipated, but didn't forget about the story...the emotion that kept us in our seats, highly engaged for the duration of the film. I was rooting for the avengers not only because they were the heros, but also because throughout the movie, we got to know the characters on a deeper level than just butt kicking super heros.

All in all The Avengers is a must see for everyone and comes highly recommended from us at clevver movies. The film is already breaking records internationally, and come Friday, I am thinking may be the biggest superhero film of all time.

Please make sure you tell us what you thought as soon as you have seen the movie, after all, YOU are our favorite critic. Im Tatiana carrier, thanks so much for watching!

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