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Hair & Makeup Backstage at Paris Fashion Week

PARIS - FashionTV is backstage at Veronique Leroy show during Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012-2013. "Today at Veronique Leroy, we're doing something that's extremely--it's almost homemade," says Makeup Artist Alex Box. This is a girl who wants to be bourgeois and city-like, but she's actually a rebel, explains Box. "She tries to do her makeup a bit smart, but it always reverts back to her punky ways." The look is a really perfect eyeliner that's messed up afterwards. The look is quite worn in, as if the girl has been sleeping in it. The skin has a base, but with natural coloring coming through as if the girls have rubbed at their faces. "It's a very deliberate eye look but every girl is different. Every look is asymmetrical."

Hairstylist James Pecis says the look for hair is very doable for the girl at home but also great for the runway. It's a very rock-and-roll inspired look with a very 80s twist to it. The look is strong side parts, layering the hair with lots of surf spray tonic by Bumble & Bumble for beachy texture. The hair is pulled back for an upside down French twist with hair coming out at the sides. "The idea is about a girl from the 80s," says designer Veronique Leroy. She also takes inspirations from the year 1965. She's a bit of a punk and she wants to find a job so she tries to make herself look classier and more presentable.

Appearances: Alex Box (Makeup Artist), Yulia Kharlapanova, Codie Young, Chrystal Copland, Vasilisa Pavlova, Isabella Melo, Ellen Pinaffi

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