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Selena Gomez Going Back to the Studio?

Are you ready for some new music from Selena Gomez?! You're in luck because even though she made the official announcement just months ago that she and The Scene would be taking a break for a bit -- at least a year, so she could focus on acting -- it looks like it didn't last long. We hear that Selena is set to head back to the studio for some new music and we know this from Jason Yang who is a Rock Mafia studio elf -- yes, it's even on his LinkedIn profile -- saying that next week might just be on the schedule for SG. So do you think she'll be working on her own new music, or what about a duet with her boyfriend Justin Bieber? Of course, he's been hitting the studio hard for putting the finishing touches on his June 19 Believe album, but it doesn't mean that there couldn't be a Jelena single. Would you listen? Alright, that's it from now. Dana Ward here for Sizzlingbuzz. See you next time.

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