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SAVAGES - July 6, 2012

Savages 2012 Trailer - official Oliver Stone's 2012 movie in HD - starring Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson, Blake Lively, Salma Hayek, Emile Hirsch, Uma Thurman, and John Travolta - two marijuana kingpins with a shared girlfriend encounter a world of trouble.

Savages 2012 movie hits theaters on July 6, 2012.

Laguna Beach entrepreneurs Ben (Aaron Johnson), a peaceful and charitable Buddhist, and his closest friend Chon (Taylor Kitsch), a former Navy SEAL and ex-mercenary, run a lucrative, homegrown industry—raising some of the best marijuana ever developed. They also share a one-of-a-kind love with the extraordinary beauty Ophelia (Blake Lively). When the merciless head of the Baha Cartel Elena (Salma Hayek), and her brutal enforcer, Lado (Del Toro), underestimate the unbreakable bond among these three friends, Ben and Chon—with the reluctant, slippery assistance of a dirty DEA agent (John Travolta)—wage a seemingly unwinnable war against the cartel. Savages movie trailer 2012 is presented in full HD 1080p high resolution.

SAVAGES 2012 Movie.
Genre: Thriller
Director: Oliver Stone
Cast: Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson, Blake Lively, Benicio Del Toro, Salma Hayek, Demian Bichir, Emile Hirsch, Uma Thurman, and John Travolta

Savages 2012 official movie trailer courtesy Universal Pictures.

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