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New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Photos - Edward, Bella & Jacob

We've got a closeup of vampires Bella and Edward Cullen -- thanks to Summit for passing along the official photo to us!! Along with one of Taylor Lautner as Jacob -- that one is coming up -- so just hold the moment! So this is all in anticipation of the November 16, 2012 release date for Breaking Dawn Part 2 and the best part about these photos is arguably the fact that we get to see the bright red eyes of Bella post-transformation -- in fact, it looks like she's already pretty comfortable in her vampire form. She and Edward closely look on at something together in the still photo. And all of you Jacob fans out there, you'll get to see another serious one of him. It looks like he's outside in the shot, seemingly about to pounce or do something -- exactly what, we just don't know. Put your best guesses in the comments section below as to what is going on in these newly released photos. I'm Dana Ward in Hollywood -- thanks for tuning into Sizzlingbuzz, bye!

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