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Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" Music Video Comes Out May 2

The Justin Bieber music video for Boyfriend is ready to be released and the official date is May 2. The star revealed the details to the world after a recent radio promo stop while in London. He's been busy making the rounds -- not just to talk about the music vid and it's May 2nd release date, but also to chat a bit more about the also-anticipated album. You probably remember that Believe is set to hit the public on June 19 and even JB's good industry friend Alfredo Flores has gotten in on the action -- thanks to his Believe step-and-repeat Instagram post. Bringing it back to what Justin has to say about all of this, he told Capital FM's James Barr that he's evolving as an artist and he's very happy about the new sound, adding that his favorite tracks on the Believe album is As Long As You Love Me and Right Here, that's the track with Drake. One of my favorite parts of the interview is when James brings up that Justin should have chosen Woody as the Toy Story character and JB said it wouldn't work and proved it to us with a little rap. Justin said, 'I'm gonna throw my lasso like Woody.' Nice work, everybody. I'm Dana Ward in Hollywood and we'll see you later on Sizzlingbuzz!

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