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Jennifer Lawrence Plays an Archery Game

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence shows off her Katniss skills with an archery game on Spanish TV! Hi there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw and we have the funny clip in today's PopSugar Rush.

We all know that Katniss Everdeen has good aim . . .

. . . But how does Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence do with a bow and arrow in real life? Jennifer stopped by Spanish TV show El Hormiguero yesterday where she proved that she's still a very good shot.

Jennifer was all smiles as she sat down for her interview, which of course, was all about The Hunger Games. Not only did Jennifer try her hand at an archery game; in the spirit of the girl on fire, she put a match to a few things, including a guy's coat . . .
. . . and a giant mockingjay emblem.


The Hunger Games has been at the top of the box office for four straight weeks now, taking in more than $530 million dollars worldwide. And as of yesterday evening, there's big news regarding Catching Fire.

After Gary Ross revealed that he wouldn't be able to helm the Hunger Games sequel, Lionsgate has officially offered the job to Francis Lawrence, the same director behind I Am Legend and Water for Elephants.

The film is scheduled to start shooting later this Summer.

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