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Hulk vs. Thing Fanboy Faceoff Results

Last week's Fanboy Faceoff was all about the muscle with Hulk taking on Thing in a no-holds barred fight for your vote and we have the results!

It was a battle of epic proportions with size and strength being a key factor. Hulk was definitely the favorite to win in that category with MrCjdyo9 saying, "We all have seen Hulk crush rocks so what's to say he won't do the same to The Thing and being realistic it would end up with Thing getting HULK SMASHED!!!"

Another factor in Hulk's favor is his immense rage power. PROGAM4R thought that is exactly the thing that would give Hulk the advantage commenting, "[Hulk is] stronger physically and will only get stronger if The Thing is beating him. Hulk will rage constantly, which will make him stronger."

The battle wasn't completely one-sided with Thing getting some support. One advantage some thought Thing had over Hulk was his intellect with LockedHearts08 saying, "Thing would outsmart Hulk and destroy him."

TheMan75110 went so far as to pick a possible strategy for Thing commenting, "The Thing could possibly win only because of his intelligence and learn that Hulk gets stronger each time he gets angrier and stop fighting with the Hulk until he was calm."

With plenty of support for both of these behemoths, it was a very close race...Okay, fine, it wasn't close at all. The winner with over 95 percent of the votes was hands down Hulk. We all saw that coming, right? Just goes to show you, when you hear "Hulk Smash" the best thing to do is just get out of his way!

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