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Damon & Elena's Total Makeout Session on TVD 3x19

Last night's Heart of Darkness episode of "The Vampire Diaries," saw Elena making some serious moves, AND the romantic tension between her and Damon hitting an all time high. As season 3 nears its close, fans of the show are finally getting some real action from the Elena and Damon relationship. In Heart of Darkness, the duo headed to Colorado to pick up Elena's brother Jeremy and fill him in on what's been going on with Alaric's evil alter-ego. While that might have been the public reason for the trip, the secondary reason was all about giving Elena the opportunity to sort through her feelings and figure out whether or not she likes or maybe even loves Damon. After the pair finds Jeremy, they settle in at a local motel for the night, and this is where the action goes down. Damon lies down next to Elena and when he innocently grabs her hand, she flees the room and he follows her out to the motel balcony. After a few moments, a very distressed Elena does the unthinkable and SHE (not Damon) goes in for a kiss. And we're not just talking any old kiss, but rather a TMOS -- aka a Total Make Out Session! This goes on until Jeremy catches them in the kissing act, but we want to make sure and point out that it was Elena who initiated this entire situation, which definitely marks a turning point in their relationship and in the show's plot. So what did you guys think about this twist and what does this mean for Stefan and the entire show? Give us your thoughts and predictions in the comments section and don't forget to subscribe to Sizzling Buzz on YouTube for on-going and exclusive news you'll only get with us. I'm Dana Ward, thanks for watching!

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