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'Catching Fire' Director Announced

The big directing j.o.b. goes to Francis Lawrence. Lionsgate has decided that he will be directing Catching Fire and this is news for fans. Of course, people were generally sad when it was announced that Gary Ross from The Hunger Games would not be returning for the next project, but Francis Lawrence will likely bring a new energy and feel to this production. As you may know, the director is known for his film work on Water For Elephants and I Am Legend. In fact, the dystopian plot and the emotional action journey could be a really good fit for Lawrence. Just in case you're wondering, Francis has no relation to the attached star, Jennifer Lawrence -- but he does have a connection with stars like Britney Spears, JLO and more because he's done a ton of music video directing! Let us know your thoughts about this news and subscribe to Sizzlingbuzz for ALL of your Hunger Games coverage. I'm Dana Ward -- thanks for watching!!!

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