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Behind Beyoncé's 'Most Beautiful Woman' Photo Shoot

Usually private Beyoncé, let's fans go behind-the-scenes of her People Mag 'World's Most Beautiful Woman' photo shoot. Hey guys, welcome back to ClevverMusic. New Mom, Beyoncé, took cameras on a tour of her latest photo shoot, this time as People's 'World's Most Beautiful Woman'.

The video opens with a helicopter landing and Beyoncé steps out looking chic in a floppy hat and does a cute dance hop on the grass. We see Beyoncé entering the gorgeous estate where the shoot took place, and then in glamorous outfits as she changes throughout the day. The video also features exclusive interviews with Beyoncé, where she is both hilarious and inspiring.

In one quote, Beyoncé explained, "Being named the world's most beautiful woman is really hard to say. It's overwhelming—it makes me feel very crunchy." She laughed, "...and that means 'embarrassed.'"

No need for Mama B to be embarrassed, from what we saw, she rocked the photo shoot. When asked what makes B feel the most beautiful, she revealed, "When I feel loved. When I feel secure. When I feel confident." Of course, her naturally stunning looks and superstar hubby don't hurt either.

Our favorite part of the vid was when diva Beyoncé gushed, "It means more to me that I was named this after I became a mother." We couldn't agree with her more. Check out the entire video, with the link below in the description. Be sure to subscribe to Sizzling Buzz for more Beyoncé news. See ya soon.

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