#8 Arizona Muse - First Face Countdown Fall 2012 - Latest Fashion News

#8 Arizona Muse - First Face Countdown Fall 2012

WORLD - FashionTV is counting down the top 10 models in our First Face countdown. A First Face is the model who represents a designer's image as the first girl on the runway opening the show. Arizona Muse is #8 on our First Face countdown for Fall/Winter 2012-2013. In Spring 2012, she was #4 on the list and prior to that she was the #1 First Face in the Fall 2011 season. She is known as one of the most popular American models in the world. Her modeling agency is NEXT. She was born on September 18, 1988 in Tucson, Arizona but raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She began as a model in 2008 with blonde hair, but people only began to notice her when she cut her hair short and dyed it brown after the birth of her son Nikko. Now she is known for her signature walk and her boyish and bohemian look. Muse walked in 32 shows at the four fashion weeks and opened shows like Trussardi, Isabel Marant, and Jo No Fui. Her most memorable event in her fashion career was an Yves Saint Laurent ad campaign in her first season.

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