What's Up With Gaga?: Playing Amy Winehouse, David Guetta Collaboration

Hey little monsters! I'm Bridget Daly for ClevverMusic with your weekly installment of What's Up With Gaga. Lots of news broke this week, including deets on Marry The Night Day, a possible Guetta collab, and some movie news! Let's get started.
Little monsters started a super cool thing on Twitter to officially rename December 20th Marry The Night day. They're asking fans to download the single at 4pm on that day, and if you already have it, to re-download for a friend!
Next up was the news that a nude portrait of Gaga would be going on auction. Fans have until Monday, Dec. 19 at 10:00 a.m. PST to bid on the portrait done by none other than Tony Bennett.
In industry news, we heard rumors that Amy Winehouse's family would be interested in seeing Gaga play their late daughter in a biopic about the singer. We also heard from David Guetta, who said he's dying to collab with Gaga, calling her quote a creative genius!
Someone NOT feeling the Gaga love this week though—Tim Gunn. He appeared on the View, saying he'd never put Gaga on a best-dressed list because she quote doesn't wear clothes, she wears costumes! Reeer!
And finally, Gaga received two nods for 2011—one from Billboard, one from Forbes. Believe it or not, Billbaord readers named Gaga the most overrated artist of the year, even over Britney and Justin Bieber. And Forbes just named Gaga the highest earning Female artist of 2011, citing her $90 million dollars she has in the bank. Cha-ching!
And that is the world according to Gaga! Make sure to subscribe to ClevverMusic to always stay posted on Mother Monster news, and go ahead and comment below on which of these stories you liked best. Thanks for tuning in, and I hope you all have a great weekend! See ya!

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