SRK, in a toy!

Mumbai, Dec. 15 -- Good morning chocolate chips! It's sunny and breezy on my side of the world. Dunno what's it looking like there but I'm sure all's well. I'm waiting for my newspaper boy to drop the papers. I've suddenly gotten into this new habit of reading stories in all the leading dailies. Actually, I just need to check out the happenings nowadays... There are too many of my staffers who're passing wrong information, you see.

Whining for later! My day today starts with my favourite Shah Rukh Khan. Ooo, now I can have him in my bedroom every single day and night. Ah sillies! I didn't mean it in the pervert sense. There's a bobble head of the actor that's been designed to promote his movie Don 2.

It's modelled on his look in the movie, complete with the tattoo on the wrist, the hairdo and the clothes. I wonder if this toy talks too! Sohal Khatwani, who is a sakhi's brother, has designed it and shown it to me before he even shows it to Mr Khan. And I must admit, the end product is impressive. These toys are pretty popular abroad but it's apparently one of the first in Bollywood. And Mr Khan is one of the first actors to be turned into a toy boy, quite literally. I'm sure he'll be thrilled and so will all the girls like me, who quite like him.
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