Jenelle Evans on Son Jace: Take Him or Leave Him!

Troubled Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans doesn’t have custody of her own son due to her ongoing legal problems, but the thing is, that's not that big a deal to her.

Jenelle’s mom Barbara has custody of her little boy Jace, and a friend close says that even though she claims to want custody, she may not be telling the truth:

“I don’t think Jenelle will ever get full custody, and I don’t even think it hurts her.”

Free from caring for her son, Jenelle Evans is going boy crazy. “She is obsessed with male attention,” the source confides. “She wants whatever she can get.”

Sadly, as we saw on this week's Teen Mom 2, that means Kieffer Delp is involved.

While Jenelle is “great with Jace,” the troubled teen is obviously missing out on bonding with her little boy, which worries both her family and friends.

“Years down the road, when Jenelle might have her life together, it’ll be weird for them to just start living on their own. It’s sad because he’s so happy when he’s with her,” Evans' friend said. “It’s not Jace’s fault he was born to Jenelle.”

No, but the toddler may be safer living in the stable home of his grandmother.

“Barbara didn’t do this for Jenelle; she did it for Jace,” adds the friend.

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