Ujjwala Raut's sister in Bollywood? - Latest Bollywood News Gossips

Mumbai, May 3 -- Sonali Raut is supermodel Ujjwala Raut's younger sibling, but she does not want to follow her sister's footsteps. Instead, she wants to make a career for herself in Bollywood. Sonali, who is the face of cosmetics giant, MAC in India, attracted a lot of attention for her bikini-clad avatar in the Kingfisher calendar recently.

Though she doesn't divulge much about her meetings with filmmakers, she is ecstatic about having started the process of entering Bollywood. "I haven't signed a film yet. But I have just finished an acting course at the Anupam Kher's institute. It was a fantastic experience. Acting is tougher than modeling," she laughs.

Being Ujjwala's younger sister, Sonali always had expectations to live up to, but she has never let that govern her choices. "I'm not trying to ape her career path. She chose modeling and is happy with it. I'm passionate about acting, so I'm concentrating on it," says the model-turned-actor.

Besides acting classes, Sonali has also spent time perfecting other aspects of her personality to ready herself for the film industry. "There're a lot of things to learn about acting. That's why I underwent diction coaching and speech development sessions," says Sonali, who was offered a few South Indian films after the launch of the Kingfisher calendar.

"I wasn't interested then because I wanted to prepare myself. People expect a lot from me in the modeling world, so I'm working hard for this profession. I'm willing to wait for a good film with a great script to come along, I'm in no hurry," says Sonali, who has no plans to leave India till she breaks into Bollywood.
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