RK expands his Pali bungalow - Latest Bollywood News Gossips

Mumbai, April 17 -- Ranbir Kapoor is amused by recent speculations about his family's plans to give up their bungalow, Krishna Raj that has existed for three decades at Bandra's Pali Hill, to a renowned builder for redevelopment.

The reports also stated that the actor's family would occupy the top slots of the skyscraper that their spacious bungalow would make way for.

He admits that his father, actor-filmmaker Rishi Kapoor, is planning to rebuild the family pad with a private preview theater with a seating capacity of 70, which will enable them to host private screenings and trials for friends and family.

"We weren't even thinking about letting our house make way for another mammoth property, private or public. We will give it a makeover in such a way that most of the space that's free right now gets utilised optimally," he smiles, adding that he plans to extend the newly created space into a post-production studio. "It's a cool business idea, isn't it? I can use it for my movies too."

Ranbir is also keen to have a swimming pool within the new premises. However, the plan, it seems, will take a while to materialise, hopefully only till year-end, thanks to the paperwork, and the permissions required from various departments of civic bodies. "We don't want to start and then stall the work midway while waiting for consent from the BMC," he reasons.

According to an insider, the property behind the Krishna Raj bungalow is also up for reconstruction. There are certain aspects that the BMC takes into consideration in such cases before green signalling large-scale renovation plans to ensure that no one gets a raw deal.

Till then, Ranbir promises to be content with his dose of entertainment on his new LED set. He's also thrilled to add Panasonic to his list of brand endorsements. "The company was kind, gracious and magnanimous to replace all the sets in my house with their products," he laughs. "As the brand's face, it's important to reiterate my faith in it by consuming it."
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