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Mumbai, April 17 -- Vidya Balan doesn't want to take chances with The Dirty Picture. Director Milan Luthria created a separate space in his office to help Naseeruddin Shah and her prepare for their characters and rehearse their scenes together.

News is that the area has been kept out-of-bounds for everyone on Vidya's behest. Luthria admits, "She told me she isn't comfortable with people walking in and out of the place, and couldn't concentrate on her work. She asked if I could keep the space out-of-bounds for others, and I agreed."

The rehearsals have been on for three weeks now and will continue for at least two more. The special room's door has a 'Do Not Disturb' tag too with an attendant from Luthria's production team guarding it. "No one is allowed inside it. Sometimes, I peep into the room, but generally avoid going in since they get paranoid," says the director.

Vidya and Naseer have been working to get comfortable with each other, especially for their intimate scenes. They are also checking out their make-up, hairdos and costumes, and going through details of their photo shoots and prosthetics. "We're not sure if we'll eventually use prosthetics in the film. They are also trying South Indian-styled choreography. I can just tell you it won't be a spoof," says Luthria.

Vidya is also 'a bit anxious' about getting into the glamorous Silk Smitha's shoes in the film produced by Ekta Kapoor. Apparently, the costumes, comprising hot pants, low necks and petticoats, freaked her out.

Eventually, she's taken a couple of sets of clothes from the film's wardrobe home to get comfortable. Luthria is all praises: "Vidya is positive about it. She heavily relies on her directors to guide her through her characters, which helps the project a lot."
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