The Walking Dead star explains why their character had to die in latest dramatic episode: Courtesy Digital Spy

Warning: This article contains MAJOR spoilers for The Walking Dead season 8 episode 15 'Worth'. You have been warned.

The all-out war claimed another casualty in the penultimate episode of The Walking Deadseason eight, as Negan showed who's boss.

In a dramatic episode, the Saviors leader killed his unpredictable lieutenant Simon in a one-versus-one, no weapons fight to the death to determine the group's leadership.

Steven Ogg, who played Simon for two seasons, said that despite his character undermining Negan's orders on multiple occasions (including what happened at Oceanside), he was actually showing respect to Negan by having their brutal brawl.

To Simon, he had been growing disillusioned with Negan's leadership and wanted to take action.
A few episodes ago, for example, Simon took control of the Saviors group attacking Hilltop rather than searching for Negan, who was in danger.

"I don't think it's necessarily like a power thing with Simon or like he's got to take over from Negan," Ogg explained. "I don't think it was that. It's just he stepped up and decided to do things his way."
"They had tried with Negan all these things and nothing had happened.

"It wasn't about going against Negan so much as just doing his own thing, and going back and asking for forgiveness."
Back in August, Ogg – promoting the eighth season – hinted that people would die and the herd would be 'thinned'. It turns out that he was also teasing his own character's death!

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