Rick Grimes will die in the Walking Dead – Robert Kirkman

It’s probably reasonable to say that it was the greater part of The Strolling Deceased lovers who were disappointed/confused/felt attractive off by 12 months 6 ending, and designer John Kirkman gets that.
During a Stumbleupon AMA which was meant to be about his new display Outsider but saw him dogged with concerns about the TWD cliffhanger (which he completely expected), Kirkman talked in more detail about it.
Here are his ideas on it, stoned together from several of different solutions to questions:
I just want to indicate that a lot of what you seem to dislike about the ending are your presumptions of how year 7 will begin. The loss of life will have no effect now, etc. I guarantee you it will. You’re welcome to be frustrated with the show that broadcasted. Was it a misstep?
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