Game of Thrones season 6: Where is Jon Snow going? Prospect of 'Bastardbowl' gets fans hyped :

After spending far too long presumably flipping beer mats with Sam and exhausting all Wall-based puns, Jon Snow has finally left Castle Black, declaring that his "Watch has ended". As well as being a badass thing to say, this is also technically sound, as he swore an oath to serve the Night's Watch until death, and in fairness he did dabble with death for a few hours.

But where is he striding so purposefully now?

Ironically, Jon is leaving the Wall just as his sister Sansa is about to arrive. This is bad because a) Sansa could clearly really use a hug and b) she knows Ramsay better than anyone. Which brings me to the most obvious destination for Jon:

The 'bastardbowl'

This long-craved battle would see Ramsay Bolton and Jon Snow face-off (though Jon very probably isn't a bastard - there's more on that here). Jon certainly has motive - Ramsay is squatting in Winterfell, his father had a major hand in the Red Wedding that killed his mother and brother, Ramsay now has Rickon, plus he's generally an evil bastard who needs to be dealt with. There is also the possibility of...

Comeuppance for the Freys

Who engineered the whole Red Wedding, though, as desperately in need of a slaying Walder is, he's not an immediate threat. I tell you who is, though:

The White Walkers

No-one is more aware of this than Jon, who has been trying desperately to get people to take them seriously up until this point. If his brief skirmish at Hardhome taught him anything though, it's that they're a terrifyingly large and fearsome force. Jon definitely won't be going after them just yet, he doesn't even have men yet, let alone the right kind of swords to kill them with. Perhaps what's most important however, is:

Who will come to him?

Bran is about to become privy to an enormous secret, and he'll almost certainly want to track down Jon to tell him about it.
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