Finn Wittrock talked about fearless performance of Lady Gaga in American Horror Story: Hotel

Finn Wittrock has nothing but good words about his “American Horror Story: Hotel” co-star Lady Gaga.
In a recent interview with TheWrap, Wittrock — who played Tristan Duffy and Rudolph Valentino in the last season of the FX series — shared what it was like to work with the 30-year-old pop star on the set of the horror anthology series.

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“She’s a workhorse, she’s unstoppable,” Wittrock said of Gaga. “[She’s] a very kind of contagious passion … for what she does. You know, I think she knew going into it … she knew people would be a little intimidated by her or, like, daunted, so she kind of immediately tried to dispel all that and became very approachable, not just to me … but to the crew and to everybody, chatting, f–king around. She’s fun!”
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