Priyanka-Parineeti: Sister concerns!

Mumbai, Jan. 31 -- Sisters, I tell you! This Munni, the maid, has taken chutti and sent chutti and sent her sister Sheila to work for me till she comes back. And Sheila seems a little better than her sister because her first spicy news is about Priyanka Chopra and cousin Parineeti.

The ladies were at an award function called Colors' Apsara Awards, where Parineeti took two trophies home and PC took just one. In her 'Thank you' speech, the choti Chopra thanked everyone except her sister and went and sat between her mother and aunt (PC's mother Madhu). PC, meantime, was in a seat in a far corner because she had come in late.

And she was gracious enough to smile at her sister even when she didn't thank her for her support. Hmm, all these choti sisters, I tell you!

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