A Review of the Hair Transplantation Techniques

Today i decided to write about some new Hair Transplantation Techniques

Sometimes we don’t care about the things until we lose them, same is the case with hair f. Causes of the hair loss are many and there are various solutions in the market that promise hair growth. Hair transplant is the permanent solution to this problem of hair loss. Let’ discuss about the procedure of the hair transplant and the difference in the hair transplant techniques.
Hair Transplant
Hair transplant was first introduced in the 1950’s and has now become a well-known surgical procedure for the hair restoration. The procedure of hair transplant is safe and the result is natural looking hair. You don’t have to be admitted to a hospital for a hair transplant and the procedure takes no more than eight hours.
Procedure of Hair Transplant by a Hair Restoration Specialist Dubai
The doctor who performs the hair transplant takes some photos of the scalp through different angles before the procedure. After which the doctor will explain the technique and the results that can be expected from it. The doctor might also determine hairline and scalp shape from a surgical pen to make you aware of the hair loss condition, where the transplanted grafts would be placed and how many grafts would be required.
The next step is to extract the donor hair from the scalp, during the procedure of extraction the surrounding hair are covered from a rubber band. Then the donor area is administered using local anesthesia after which the donor's hair is extracted from the donor area. Then they are prepared by the team who dissect the grafts. After the removal, the doctor stitches the donor area.
Now Let’s Discuss the Differences in the Techniques of Extraction
·         Strip Harvesting Procedure – In this method the doctor removes a strip of skin from the scalp that has good hairs. After which the donor area is closed with sutures and the excess tissue from the extracted follicles is removed with the help of the stereo microscope. It is made sure that no follicles are damaged during this.
·         Follicular Unit Extraction – after injecting local anesthesia at the donor area individual hair follicles are removed directly from the scalp. This extraction process is done using micro needles and blades. This procedure is time-consuming and requires great effort and skill from the surgeon side. The results are more natural in this method.
Preparing follicular units that are extracted for transplantation is the next step, now is it done? The extracted grafts are dissected and each graft contains about one to four hairs. During this time, the patient can sleep or watch television. Also, you can walk around in the clinic and talk to the team.
Last Step, placing the follicular units in the holes made at the benefactor region. Now anesthesia is injected into the benefactor region. The hair restoration specialist Dubai makes the holes in the region for the follicles to be placed. Every detail has to be seen during this step, to make the results look natural. The depth of the holes should also be considered.
Once the follicles are placed the hair restoration specialist Dubai ensures their fitting in the holes. Last but not least the doctor gives some instructions to strictly follow to avoid any mishap. You might experience some itchiness and soreness in the region of transplantation but it is recommended to not scratch the scalp as it may damage the hair follicle. The swelling will go in a day or two. The transplanted hair fall out after two weeks with new hair growth in the region. Full growth would be seen in nine months’ time.
The Bottom Line

In order to decide as to which hair transplant technique is best for them its best to discuss with the hair restoration specialist Dubai about the advantages and disadvantages regarding it and the results that could be expected.
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