Say goodbye to the hair loss forever

Hair loss is a serious problem that shutters one’s confidence and leads to a stressful experience. The attitude of people towards baldness has been negative throughout the history. There can be many causes of hair loss .Some people have genetic problem. The distress suffered by the people who suffer from it can’t be ignored. Other causes of hair loss are low levels of protein intake, vitamin deficiency, excessive styling, physical stress, pregnancy, dramatic weight loss and hypothyroidism. Prevention of hair loss can be done through keeping a proper diet, good hair hygiene and medications. But the only permanent cure to the hair loss problem is hair transplant which can be achieved through different procedures.

Hair transplant in Abu Dhabi
To achieve natural and youthful look through hair transplant, hair follicles are collected from the area which is resistant to balding called the donor area and implanted to the recipient region. The most common and widely used methods for hair restoration are Follicular Unit transplant , Follicular Unit Extraction and the latest one being Stem Cell Follicular Unit Extraction.
Let’s discuss about the most effective and speedy hairtransplant in Abu Dhabi procedure which is Stem Cell Follicular Unit Extraction.

Stem Cell Follicular Unit Extraction
This particular method is an advancement in Follicular Unit Extraction known as FUE. It transplants large number of grafts per session. Before the transplant procedure is carried out, the individual should seize smoking.
The donor and recipient area is shaven and an intended hairline is drawn onto the scalp. To remove the pain local anesthesia is injected into the scalp. Afterwards, extraction is carried out using devices that are able to extract several times faster than the traditional methods. Tiny holes are made at the recipient area where follicles are to be transplanted. Stem cell FUE provide greater density. The results start to show in three months and you can achieve youthful look in about twelve months. Downtime of this method is a couple of days. Certain medications are prescribed by the doctor for the patient to intake for certain time after the surgery.

Advantages of Stem Cell FUE hair transplant in Abu Dhabi
·         Stem Cell FUE is a promising procedure for permanent solution to hair loss problems.
·         The transplant gives natural looking hair.
·         Most effective and less time consuming.
·         Impressive results without leaving any scars, unlike through FUT method.
·         It can also be performed for regrowth of hair on the scars.
·         The extraction method used for stem cell FUE reduces the damage of hair follicles.
·         Shock loss is minimum at the donor site.
·         50% of regrowth in the donor region in about three months.


What are you waiting for? Head towards the clinic to get your confidence and youthful look back in just one session of Stem Cell FUE Hair transplant in Abu Dhabi which is the most ideal solution to your hair loss worries. 
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