'The Originals' Season 4 Spoilers, Summer Fontana to Portray Grown-Up Hope

When "The Originals" come back a fourth season, there will be a five-year time jump from when it ended in Season 3. It will then reveal an all grown-up Hope to be played by Summer Fontana.
A New Hope
Fontana, who has been credited for a movie role in "Basic Witches," will be joining the cast in Season 4. In fact, she began filming earlier this week. In the series, there is a possibility that Klaus (Joseph Morgan) may not recognize her own daughter after five years since she will be all grown-up and is said to be a powerful witch.
"The Originals" has been with CW Network for three seasons. The show is a US horror story and fantasy that chronicles the lives of a vampire family. The original vampires are Klaus, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) who returned to Orleans and regained control of the city.
A century ago, their father ousted them with the help of his evil protégé. They have to prevent the war between supernatural beings and humans in order to save the city that they have built a long time ago. They also have to facilitate the safety of Klaus' heir.
The Original Vampires
The original vampires have a lot to do in New Orleans since they have a lot of unfinished business. This might mean that they need to have more time and may extend to more centuries in order to keep the place safe.
Now with the fourth season coming up, a new story unfolds as Klaus' daughter Hope will not be a baby anymore. It gives fans more reasons to look forward to what's next.
In a recent report, Phoebe Tonkin, who portrays Hayley Marshall in the series, stated that she is excited as to what personality Hope will show in the fourth season. She also added that Hope got a lot of personalities from Klaus even though they were not together for five long years. She also stated her excitement in seeing Klaus' personality in Hope who will grow up to be a powerful witch.
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