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Paris Jackson: Suicide Note Found, Meat Cleaver Used in Attempt - Sizzling Buzz

A couple grisly details have come out regarding Paris Jackson's suicide attempt this morning.

As previously reported, the 15-year old daughter of Michael was rushed to the hospital around 2 a.m. following a 911 call that TMZ confirms was made as a result of Paris dialing the suicide hotline.

The operator was reportedly so shaken by the conversation that she called the authorities.

When they arrived, EMTs found a suicide note at the scene and also saw that Paris used a meat cleaver on her arm. She had also taken a significant number of Motrin pills.

Paris received "numerous stitches" for the wound and was then placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold for 72 hours.

In a statement, Jackie, Marlon and Tito Jackson have said:

"Thank you for the outpouring of concern and support for Paris. She is safe and doing fine. We truly appreciate you respecting our family privacy at this time."