The Voice USA Judge Adam Levine Had his Hair Transplanted

Before hair transplant surgery his baldness has only just been seen on TV, the Grammy award winner actually shaved his head around three months ago, and documented the process on his Instagram page.

 His hair is now growing back again and looks thicker than ever. Whether this is his natural hairline or not has been the subject of much speculation though, both in the media and in online hair loss forums. Many suspect Levine of having had hair transplant surgery to make the thinning hair around his temples appear thicker.

Fans of the ‘Moves Like Jagger’ singer noted that the star’s hairline has changed shape over the years, now appearing lower and fuller than in previous years.

 As you can see from the photos here, it does indeed look like Adam Levine may have had a receding hairline as his hair appears to have taken on more of a widow’s peak shape in the past.

Well so far there is many celebrities those had their hair Transplanted including Females and others had their Beard hair Transplanted (shia labeouf).

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