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The spin-off of "The Vampire Diaries," "The Originals" is heading down to its finale. "The Originals" season 3 will be on a hiatus soon as we wait for its last episode. According to reports, fans are in for big surprises because an old character will return.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Claire Holt a.k.a. Rebekah Mikaelson will return in "The Originals" season 3 finale. Per the report, before Freya, it was Rebekah, who vowed to stand by her brothers forever. She was so dedicated to protecting her family that she will be back to rescue them from Marcel's wrath. Parent Herald previously reported that Marcel was very disappointed with the Mikaelsons after Davina's death.
 In the recent episodes of "The Originals" season 3, Freya sacrificed Davina to defeat Lucien, which torn the friendship between Marcel and the Mikaelsons. "I should have known better than to trust your family. You, people, destroy everything you touch," Marcel told Kol.

 Marcel will be the villain in the "The Originals" finale episode and he will be after the Mikaelsons. However, Rebekah will not let Marcel harm her family. One photo featured Rebekah on the set of "The Originals" season 3 standing between Marcel, the man she used to love and her brother, Klaus.

 Ecumenical News reported that Freya and Elijah have seen visions of Marcel killing Klaus. Rebekah also sees the vision, which prompts her return. Parent Herald previously reported that three major characters would die in "The Originals" season 3, who will follow Cami and Davina in the after world? Per the report, Rebekah and Marcel have a long history of love and betrayal.

Both have defied each other for their family, will history repeat itself as we see Marcel fighting for Davina and Rebekah for Klaus? What will happen to the Mikaelsons? Will Marcel be leading the vampires in "The Originals" season 4? Will Rebekah and Marcel have a different ending this time? Will Klaus die? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. "The Originals" season 3 finale airs on May 20, 9 p.m., on The CW.

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