Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Rob is Kim's Pregnant Friend

Last night's offering of Keeping Up With the Kardashians continued the now-familiar storyline of Bruce and Brody Jenner trying to repair their relationship.

Meanwhile, Kris Jenner and the girls battled allegations from Ellen Pearson, Robert Kardashian Sr.'s ex-wife, with emotions running high as always.

Rob Kardashian's weight loss became a major story last month. Now, we get to see the precursor - the gain, and the concern of his family members.

He'd put on 50 pounds, and felt he was "embarrassing to the family" after weighing in at 241 pounds with a 45-inch waist. Wow dude. Minus 241.

Not only that, be missed the private training sessions Kim Kardashian had set up for him, even as his body fat reached upwards of 50 percent. 50!

"I really needed a pregnant friend," Kim joked, in the line of the night. When Rob insisted he wasn't pregnant, Kim said, "I know, but you eat like one.”

Plus 70, because even though it was clearly scripted, ouch!

The tough love continued, too. Khloe's plan was to get him to binge hard, getting him so sick on junk food that he'd never want to eat it again.

Unfortunately, the plan backfired, however Rob did say later that he wanted to get fit and planned to work out with Khloe's husband Lamar. Plus 40.

He's proving a man of his word, too, looking noticeably slimmer and saying his goal is to get down to 200 pounds by July 4. Good work, Rob. Plus 20.

Meanwhile, Kris & Ko. continued their feud with her ex's other ex, which seems designed primarily to stretch Keeping Up into its hour-long time slot.

Seriously. Don't you miss the half-hour days? Minus 50.

As for Brody and Bruce, we've been hearing whispers for awhile, but it was surprising to learn just how absent Bruce was from Brody Jenner's life.

No wonder Brody said Bruce is not the best father. Minus 50.

While it's terrific to see that they both care enough to work on things now, you can't help but feel that Bruce's image has been dented a bit by this.

Plus 150 for E! showing his faults, though, and for the father-son duo making strides to improve the situation. Because that's what it's all about, no?
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