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Taylor Swift Donates $4M to Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum - Latest Hollywood News Gossips - Interviews Video

Taylor Swift Donates $4M to Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum

Taylor Swift donates 4-million dollars! Bless her heart for consistently giving back and sharing her success with others. This round, the star has chosen something that's close to her heart: The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. We hear via The Hollywood Reporter that it's the largest gift given to the museum by an artist ever and apparently the 4-million bucks is set to go toward building the Taylor Swift Education Center, an exhibit and classroom to open in 2014. There are plans for a musical petting zoo, a music-inspired art room -- maybe for making concert posters as well as programs for teens and seniors. In fact, the report lays out that this is just one part of a 75-million dollar expansion for the Country Music Hall of Fame and this location's plaza is where TS made one of her her first public appearances and where she officially signed her record contract. So once again we're are giving praise to Taylor for this major donation. I'm Dana Ward for Sizzling buzz -- subscribe to the show now for more updates just like this. Bye!

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