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Fashion Destination Kiev - The Autograph Hotel

KIEV - The Autograph Hotel in Kiev, Ukraine is FashionTV's premiere fashion destination for this Eastern European region, where we're in town for Ukrainian Fashion Week. The elegant 4-star rated hotel is located next to Palats Ukraina and Kiev's business district. There's a restaurant, spa and fitness center. The lobby is ultra-luxe with statues, paintings and mahogany walls. The FashionTV girls are getting ready for the next party in their guest rooms, as they sip F-18: Luxury Acai Drink and F-88: Luxury Energy Drink to boost their spirits. They meet friends in the lobby and everyone is dressed to the nines. The group heads out on the town but not before enjoying coffee and F beverages, enjoying wine in the restaurant, and sealing the guestbook with a kiss.

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