Vidya takes tips from family!

Mumbai, Jan. 28 -- She is counted among the most talented actors in Bollywood right now. No surprise then that Vidya Balan went out of the way to play a pregnant woman perfectly in Kahaani. What's most interesting is that she took tips from her sister, Priya, who herself was pregnant while the actor was shooting for Sujoy Ghosh's film.
"Vidya was very keen to get all the nuances right of a pregnant woman. And it was sheer co-incidence that during the same time, her sister was also pregnant. So, whenever she would get time, Vidya talked to her and also observed her mannerisms, movements and mood during pregnancy," says a source close to Vidya.
Ask Sujoy about it and he says: "I had left the entire preparation bit to Vidya. But yes, she did everything to get into the head of the character. For example, during the filming, she would ask for all the details like where her character is coming from and where it's going. In that sense, she is very detailed and elaborate in her approach."
Also, Vidya met a few doctors and people who live abroad to imbibe their typical lifestyle. In the film, she plays Vidya Bagchi who comes from London to Kolkata in search of her missing hubby. "Vidya also made a list of dos and don'ts for a pregnant woman during the shoot. She and Sujoy even made a list of superstitions. The actor would barely sleep for two hours and still look fresh for the shoot. She would also eat a salad called 'Grandmother's salad'" adds the source.
"Audiences can't see such things on screen but it really helps an actor with his or her performance. It's really commendable if an actor goes all out for her character," says Sujoy. "It only makes a performance effortless. But the amount of effortlessness she puts in is commendable."
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