Feud between Emraan Hashmi and Mahesh Bhatt?

Mahesh Bhatt tweeted asking Emraan Hashmi to “come back to earth besides me where you began”, his writer lashes out at Copy Cat Ekta Kapoor, but actor insists his proximity to Balaji hasn’t upset home camp.

Mahesh recently tweeted to nephew Emraan Hashmi “Your success is proving intolerable. Please come back to earth beside me where you began. Please give me my gift.”

EmraanOn the same social networking side, Shagupta Rafique, who has written several of Vishesh Films productions, including Woh Lamhe (2006), Raaz The Mystery Continues (2009) and Murder 2 (2011) posted “When Mahesh Bhatt makes Gangster, Ekta Kapoor makes Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. When he makes Woh Lamhe on the life of an actor, she tells the story of Silk in The Dirty Picture. When we make Raaz and Raaz 2, she makes Ragini MMS.”

The sudden antipathy to Ekta is understandable given that the soap queen has produced two of Emraan’s recent hits, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai (2010) and The Dirty Picture (2011).

And the blue-eyed boy of the Bhatt camp has admitted that he’s in talks with Balaji for a third film that will be announced soon. Naturally, the family camp is upset that he’s shifted loyalties.

Quiz him on this and Emraan laughs and refuses to comment on either tweets but points out that even in the past he has worked in outside productions, including Aashique Banaya Aapne (2005), Chocolate (2005), Jawani Diwani (2006), Aksar (2006) Good Boy, Bad Boy (2007), The Train (2007) and Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji (2011).

“However, except for Aksar, none of these are as successful as in-house productions like Murder (2004), Zeher (2005), Gangster (2006), Jannat (2008), Raaz-The Mystery Continues (2009) and Murder 2 (2011).

"The huge success of the Balaji movies has changed that equation,” he reasons.

“But it’s always been the project that works for me rather than the production house. I know Bhatt saab is okay about me doing outside movies. And it isn’t as if I have exited Vishesh Films. I’ve been shooting for Jannat 2, Raaz 3D flags off next year, and Murder 3 could follow.”
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